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MRN - A Brief history part 2

Updated: May 7, 2020

Based on the success of the Moto2 bike Martin was approached to design and build a race car for a client, it was at this point that Martin and Doug parted ways with regards to the Maroug name, Doug has a very successful business in G19 Engineering and

Martin was operating under the IDS Consultancy banner which is a design consultancy and 3D printing company specializing in low volume production of plastic parts. Maroug was really all about the motorcycle and both Martin and Doug wanted to diversify into other areas and industries. The race car project resulted in an extremely innovative design using a modified proven aero effective body over a chassis using construction methods previously unseen in the class the car was to run in. The car is a full carbon bodied, bonded honeycomb/hybrid chassis using a 1400cc motorcycle engine. Some of the innovations included an automated clutch actuation, non-linear cable throttle, adjustable lever ratio brake pedal and rising rate suspension linkage. Unfortunately no more details can be revealed due to the customers request but I can show a rendering straight from CAD with the body on.

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