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Twin Turbo kit complete!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

This will be the final twin turbo blog post prior to the release of the kit, this post has the following:

Final performance figures/dyno test results

How your car will be mapped for the conversion

Vehicle compatibility information

Availability and future pricing update.

Final performance figures

As you will know from the previous blog post we have developed and fitted a Cold Air Induction (CAI) kit to iron out some MAF reading errors that we were seeing. As soon as our tuning partner began testing the mod it was apparent that the improvement was far better than the previous setup. So much so the engine could be mapped with more aggressive ignition timing and the fueling was tuned to be exactly where we wanted it. It was at this point that we wanted to see how far the engine and turbo conversion could be pushed to the boost level was raised in stages until we go to a point that adjustments were starting to be required to add in some safety. At this point we had a car with zero detonation instances, great fueling and all within the parameters set out in the stock ECU.

To say we are happy with the power and torque figures is an understatement, 472BHP and 497nM!! The peak figures also only tell a small part of the overall performance of the car, have a look at the dyno print out below and you can see that the car makes over 460Nm of torque from 3200RPM all the way to 7200RPM!

To put the peak figures into perspective that’s 4BHP more than a 991 GT3 but with nearly 37nM more in the MRN twin turbo Cayman!! The Cayman being lighter weight than 911s and now with more power means that to get a better power to weight ratio you need a 997 (or newer) turbo model to compete, yes that’s right even the very latest 992 GT3 and all the GT3RS models have a lesser power to weight ratio than an MRN TT Cayman S. We believe this is the best cost/performance Porsche possible, where else can you get a 450+BHP Porsche for this financial outlay?

Reprogramming your car

This has been quite a topic of debate but we are now able to disclose how we will carry out the tuning of your ECU. We will supply an electronic tablet type device as a part of the conversion kit and you will do the following:

You will plug it in to the ODBII port of your car and download a MAP file, these file is stored for future and the tablet is now locked to your car so cannot be used on another one.

You will install a piece of software on a PC and transfer the file from the tablet to the PC and email it to us.

A new updated set of MAP files will be emailed back to you.

You install these MAP files onto the tablet then into your car.

You keep the tablet, that is now your tuning interface and if we update any base MAP files we can email them to you so you can update at your leisure.

Vehicle compatibility

Now this is where the bad news (for some) begins. We will only be taking orders for kits to be used on Cayman/Boxster* S models with manual gearbox to begin with. The reasons for this are as follows:

Why S models only? Well this is not set in stone but until we have had our hands on a base model to check we are unable to supply. If you have a Cayman base model, are UK based and are willing to let us fit the twin turbo conversion at our premises please get in touch to discuss options. A base Boxster is not possible due to the lack of central opening in the front bumper, we will not be able to get air into the chargecooler.

Why manual cars only? Again, this is not set in stone, it is simply that we have not had an automatic car to check. The kit includes a bracket that supports the chargecooler and the exhausts which mounts to the rear of the gearbox. . If you have a Cayman/Boxster automatic model, are UK based and are willing to let us fit the twin turbo conversion at our premises please get in touch to discuss.

*There is a small surcharge on Boxster kits due to the OEM centre radiator parts being a higher price.

Availability and future pricing

At the time we (slightly foolishly) published a price on social media for the kit we did not account for the inclusion of future (required) parts like the CAI kit and the electronic tablet for mapping. These items add a significant cost to the kit but we will stand by the price as announced of £6500 for all sales in 2022 as a goodwill gesture. Prices for materials and overheads are moving rapidly every day at the moment and with the addition of the extra costs mentioned above we are operating on a very small and slightly fragile profit margin at this price point.

We have taken the decision to sell a limited number of kits in 2022. There are a couple of reasons for this, the pricing mentioned above and we want to limit the QTY of kits to a level that we are comfortable that we can deliver the quality, accuracy and support that we are satisfied with and that our customers have come to expect from us.

If you want to be in a fast Cayman next year then you don’t want to miss a 2022 delivery slot. We expect the limited number of kits to sell fast so we would advise that you contact us and register your interest as soon as you can. A delivery slot can be reserved with a small deposit.

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David Semeryanov
David Semeryanov
Jul 13, 2023

Could you provide a dyno with ft/lbs of torque?

Jun 26, 2023

Good day

I have just broken my 987 3.2L engine and are up to rebuild putting in new Niki liners.

Do you recommend using OEM compression or is it a good moment for using low compression "turbo pistons", in combination with your turbo kit?

I can also have possibility to go from 3.2 to 3.8ltr…




Tahir Mahmood
Tahir Mahmood
Sep 06, 2022

How soon will you launch turbo kits for Cayman R automatic?

Sep 06, 2022
Replying to

Hi Tahir, currently there is nothing solid for a 987.2 development as we need a car to carry out the work on. The kit will only need a couple of minor mods to work so it wouldnt be a long time to develop.

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