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TT Kit

987.1 Twin Turbo Conversion UK


The item listed for sale here is a complete kit to convert your Porsche Cayman 987.1 to a twin turbo monster with a massive increase in power and torque to up to 470BHP and 500Nm of torque*. The kit includes everything you need except for engine oil and filter which is to be supplied by the customer using your preferred oil supplier but using the manufacturer recommended 0W40 grade, within this kit you will receive the following parts:


  • 2x Genuine Garrett roller bearing turbos modified in house and pre clocked especially for this kit with the following:
    • CNC aluminium air inlet fittings and o-ring seals
    • Restrictor check valve oil inlet fittings
    • MRN bespoke actuator brackets
    • Actuator pressure take off fittings
    • 2 CNC Turbo oil drain sumps and associated fittings, bolts and seals
    • Custom fabricated Compressor housings
  • MRN braided one piece turbo oil feed line and adapter fittings
  • 2x Oil scavenge pumps and associated fittings/hoses inc. mounting bracketry and hardware
  • MRN Sump spacer with oil pickup spacer, including fasteners, sealant and o-rings
  • MRN Turbo oil sump breather adapter
  • MRN Aluminium turbo inlet pipe assembly
  • MRN inlet elbow for vent lines and AOS
  • 2x MRN Exhaust link pipes (OEM headers to turbos) and associated gaskets and fasteners
  • 2x MRN Exhaust rear sections (Turbo back) with removable carbon tips, silencers and fasteners
  • OEM Porsche front centre radiator kit inc. all fasteners, ducts and fittings
  • Bosch Chargecooler pump and all hoses, clamps and tee’s
  • MRN chargecooler header tank inc. fitting bracket, hoses and clamps
  • MRN chargecooler assembly
  • BOV (Blow-Off-Valve)
  • MRN black silicone boost hose kit
  • MRN gearbox mounting plate for chargecooler and exhausts inc. fixings and fasteners
  • MRN turbo spec CAI (Cold Air Induction) kit inc. K&N cone filter
  • MRN turbo spec Carbon fibre plenum kit inc. Bosch GT3 throttle body
  • 6x Genuine Bosch Increased capacity fuel injectors with plug adapters
  • IAT (Inlet Air Temperature) sensor with relocation plug and play wiring loom
  • Wiring loom for pump tray and fuses/relays for in-cabin wiring
  • ECU remapping tablet
  • *NEW FOR 2024 kit* OEM quality MAF Sensor
  • Full fitting instructions


For a detailed explanation of the kit functionality, components and the development process we went through to achieve these results please see our Blog posts.


To fit this kit you will require a comprehensive tool kit, no special tools but plenty of time. Full fitting instruction are available to downlod here and must be adhered to. A level of mechanical competence is required to fit this kit, if you are not comfortable doing routine maintanance on a vehicle such as changing oil, brakes, radiator etc then please do not attempt to install this kit. A good local garage will be able to do it for you or if you are UK based contact MRN to enquire about installation by an approved partner. MRN will not be responsible for any damage, injury or warranty claims caused by improper installation.


This conversion MUST only be run with high octane pump fuel of >99RON such as Shell Vpower, Tesco Momentum99, Esso Synergy Supreme+ etc. Failure to use this type of fuel will cause reduced power level and with prolonged use a high likelihood of engine damage. If this fuel is not available we can set the boost level accordingly but you will need to take your car to be set up on a dyno after installation to ensure it is working as expected, extra setup charges may apply.


Available option of Funk Motorsport Thermal Management kit which includes the following:

  • 2X Turbo blankets
  • Gold reflective adhesive blanket for chargecooler
  • Gold reflective tape for boost pipework
  • Gold reflective sleeving for chargecooler pipework and oil lines

This Thermal management option will be of most benefit for vehicles that are used in the race track environment and/or hot climates. Add this product to your basket at the time of purchase.


The kit is designed to fit a standard unmodified car, please download, fill out and return the vehicle spec form available from the download section if your car is modified in ANY way. Your modification(s) may seem irrelevent to the TT kit but if the kit does not fit/work with your car and your modifcations have not been declared we will be unable to assist.



Priced with pallet delivery but if you are unable to take a pallet delivery any additional shipping fees are at the buyers cost. Arranging your own courier or collection from MRN is at your risk.


MRN Race Technologies ltd will not be held responsible for any issues or claims resulting from fitting this product, the extra power that this conversion provides may highlight any underlying issues with your car such as (but not limited to) clutch, brakes, drivetrain, driver ability etc. The fitting of this kit is entirely at the risk of the purchaser and is sold as “race/off road use only”.


If this product is shown as out of stock and there are no deposit slots available please send us a message to register interest for next years allocation


If you plan on using a thicker grade engine oil compared to OEM spec you will need to upgrade the oil scavenge pumps, these are available at extra cost and are typically carried in stock.


*470BHP and 500Nm of torque are achievable only on 3.4ltr S models. 2.7ltr base model 395BHP.

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