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350mm/330mm Big Brake Kit

350mm/330mm Big Brake Kit


This BBK will allow the fitment of 350mm discs to the front and/or 330mm discs to the rear* of the following models:

911 996 Carrera 2 and Carrera 4. (Not C4S, Turbo or GT3).

911 997.1 Carrera 2 and Carrera 4. (Not S models, Turbo or GT3)

986 Boxster (S front and rear, Base front only)

987 Boxster and Cayman (S front and rear, Base front only)


Bigger discs not only have an increased leverage to give more braking power but also the increased area will cool better. Plus, they look great too! All options listed will fit under OEM 18" wheels easily.


This BBK will space out the wheels by 8mm (per side), a VERY common modification is 7mm front and 15mm rear wheel spacers when using standard wheel offsets and if you are already running these you won't even need new wheel bolts to fit this kit and you will be able to retain your current spacing (+1mm) by fitting your 7mm front spacer to the rear to give (8 + 7) 15mm spacing.


The kit involves fitting a spacer between the hub and the new larger disc(s), caliper spacers and longer bolts along with new parts to resecure the hard brake line to the upright (spacer/bolt for front, bracket/bolt for rear). All aluminium parts are anodised black to stop any corrosion and all fasteners except wheel and caliper bolts** are stainless steel. Wheel bolts supplied are Black with 19mm heads, please contact MRN if you have any other requirement.

**Caliper studs in titanium available as option**


The rear disc setup retains the OEM handbrake (e- brake) operation but a modification to the rear caliper and pads is required to fit his kit to the rear due to thicker discs - more information at the bottom of this listing.


Both drilled and slotted discs are compatible with this kit, the popular choice for track use is slotted whereas for road use drilled is common to retain the OEM look. Disc part numbers below for both if you are sourcing your own. As standard the kit will come with drilled discs, contact us at the time of order to request slotted.


The kit in its simplest form with no options selected comes with all parts to make it compatible with Front or Rear use but it will require you to source your own discs, pads and longer wheel bolts (if you are not already using spacers).

Parts included per kit will be for one axle only:

2x CNC machined anodised aluminium disc spacers

4x CNC machined anodised aluminium caliper spacers

8x Stainless steel TORX countersunk screws

4x Longer caliper bolts

2x CNC machined anodised aluminium front brake line spacers

2x Stainless steel brake line spacer bolts

2x Stainless steel laser cut rear brake line spacers

2x Stainless steel bolts/nuts for rear brake line spacer


If you want a whole car kit without bolts just add 2x base kits to your order

If you want a whole car kit with wheel bolts add 2x kits + Wheel bolts to your order


Optional parts:

Disc part numbers:

350mm Drilled front: 99735240501 & 99735240601

330mm Drilled rear:  99635240500 & 99635240600

350mm Slotted front: 97035240500 & 97035240600

330mm Slotted rear: 97035240300 & 97035240400


10x Black 19mm HEX longer wheel bolts (20x if both front and rear ordered)


Genuine Porsche GT3 front brake ducts are available HERE and are a great low cost complement to this kit, we reccomend adding them to your order if you dont already have them!


*To fit the rear BBK the rear caliper pad retaining pins need to be filed/machined/ground shorter by approx. 2mm each side and the rear pads will also need to be shaved by 2mm - If you are unsure how to carry this out there is information online, if you cannot figure it out from there then the rear kit option is not the kit for you.


MRN Race Technologies ltd will not be held responsible for any issues or claims resulting from fitting/using this product, brakes are a critical safety part of your vehicle and must be fitted correctly, on that basis the fitting of this kit is entirely at the risk of the purchaser and is sold as “race/off road use only”.


This kit is designed to be used as a complete set of front and rear, the disc size increase is 10% for both ends so in fitting both front and rear disc upgrades the front/read brake bias will not be affected, if only fitting the front set or rear set alone there may be undesired affect to the cars brake bias which could change the handling characterisics of the car.

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